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Learn excel macro and VBA from scratch. Automate your complex everyday tasks with Excel VBA and Macros. Unlock the true power of Excel and put your Excel skills into GOD mode.

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What is Excel Macro and VBA?

excel macro and VBA 2VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a combination of the Microsoft’s event-driven programming language Visual Basic with Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA is a powerful built-in programming language that allows users to code functions or commands in an excel spreadsheet. VBA enables you to automate various activities in Excel like generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, doing calculations, etc. 

This automation activity is also often referred to as Macro. A macro (also can be referred to as a Procedure or Subroutine) is a grouping of code that performs a series of tasks or commands within a targeted computer program (aka Application). This way it helps users to save their time by automating the repetitive steps. 

For example, you might create a VBA program to format and print your month-end sales report. After developing and testing the program, you can execute the macro with a single click, causing Excel to automatically perform many time-consuming procedures. 

Rather than struggle through a tedious sequence of commands, you can grab a cup of coffee and let your computer do the work — which is how it’s supposed to be, right?

Why learning Excel macro and VBA is important for you?

automation excel dashboard macro vbaExcel is one tool you might be using every day at work. And chances are that a lot of tasks you might be doing every day inside of Excel are the same – creating the same charts, making the same reports, doing the same calculations and so on. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can do all of these repetitive tasks with a single click? Wouldn’t it save a lot of your time? That’s where VBA and Macros become so important. If you want to learn more about the importance of VBA you can read this article by John Walkenbach.

Why do you need this Excel Macro and VBA course?

Microsoft Office is everywhere, installed on over 750 million computers. But most users only know how to set up a basic table or maybe do a few formulas here and there.

In this course, you will learn to take Excel by the horns and make it do whatever you want, whenever you want. It can go through loads of information and create a printable report for you. You can make custom forms so that you can access, analyze, edit, or add new information quickly to your data tables / worksheets.

Excel programming utilizes a simple but effective tool called “VBA” – the hidden programming language that runs quietly in the background while you work. It’s very easy and straight-forward to use.

During this course you will build a foundation of working with Excel macros and VBA. This foundation will be built as you engage and participate in project based Excel macro/VBA exercises, detailed in the lectures within this course. 

Each of the projects will build upon the previous one, introducing a few new concepts each time, starting with the basic building blocks of automating any task within Excel and ending with a fully customized Excel VBA project that will automate a series of Excel tasks.

As you engage and participate in this course, you will be introduced to the wonders of creating simple macros through the Macro Recorder and then we will quickly take you into the world of Excel VBA where you will experience building a more dynamic, robust experience for yourself and your peers.

A macro is a sequence of instructions that automates some aspect of Excel so that you can work more efficiently and with fewer errors. Macros are written in VBA, which stands for Visual Basic for Applications, which is a programming language developed by Microsoft.

If you think Excel VBA programmers are smarter or more gifted than you, then you’re mistaken. Yes, macros can be intimidating and yes, programming is a huge topic. But we have done my best to keep things simple for you in this course. 

If you saw a course on Excel programming with hundreds of lectures, would you really watch all of them?

But wait a minute… What about people who may not have programming background, but aspire to reap the most from the program? Are there any programming principles and well-guarded secrets that you can learn and use them to create any macros you want? 

Relax. Everything has been taken care of in this program for you. In this course you will find several short, to the point lectures making Excel macros and VBA entertaining and accessible to non-techies. The goal is not to make you a star Excel programmer. 

If you want to be that, go for it! But I’ll give you some best practices and make this course extremely practical. After all, you are not a programmer, you just need to write a macro to help you get your work done.

Are you looking to learn practical macro techniques you can put to use instantly? If so, then this is the Excel macro and VBA course for you.


excel macro and vba 4

  • This excel macro and VBA course will teach you to automate your everyday tasks in Excel.
  • Here you will work on 7 mini-projects. Below are the samples of the projects you will complete by enrolling and participating in this course.

      • Automate placing and formatting a title on a worksheet

      • Interact with the users of your macros through Input and Message boxes in order to receive input on how a macro should work
      • Cleaning up multiple Excel worksheets and prepare the data to be reported on
      • Create a report based on multiple sets of data found within multiple Excel worksheets, copying data from one worksheet into the Master Report Worksheet
      • Automate the creation of Excel formulas to SUM data up in your report
      • Working with Excel VBA User Forms
      • Importing data from external text files
  • You will learn about the important Excel VBA concepts before starting to work on the related projects.
  • You will learn about each element of the codes you will learn to write such that you are conceptually clear about the topics.
  • You will save hundreds of hours of your time by automating your complex everyday tasks.
  • The course is totally beginner-friendly.
  • It’s super practical. Free downloadable Excel working files are included to allow you to follow along using the same material used in the lectures. You can download all of them.
  • It’s easily-digestible and aimed at professionals who regularly use Excel at work. 
  • The course is compatible with 2010 to 2019 versions of Excel.


“The instructor excels at teaching methodically and logically everything you need to know for actually using VBA for practical tasks! Before taking this course, I had zero VBA experience; after taking this course, I’ve already implemented improvements to macros we use daily at work.”

“Great course for first timers. You will learn a lot. After 2 months I already started using VBA in my work and by the time I finished the course my VBA skills were refined and my commands looked a lot more aesthetic.”

“I’ve used VBA for a decent amount of work, but this course is helping me understand the fundamentals. I would recommend this course for a beginner or someone who wants to be able to write code themselves (instead of copying/editing code they find online).”

  • You need a PC and a copy of Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365.
  • Working knowledge of Excel.

Who is this course for?
  • Anyone looking to learn to take Excel by the horns and make it do whatever they want.
  • Excel users who have intermediate Excel skills but want to take their skills to the ultimate level.



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No time limits as such! You will have access to the course forever. However,  we recommend you finish the course as soon as possible and then you can keep revisiting the lectures regularly.

This course is made with a combination of Excel 2013 and 2016. Any relevant updates in Excel 2016, 2019 and Office 365 have been incorporated.

Yes. Your digital certificate will be generated once you complete the course.